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Congratulations to Thursday, July 24 Winners: Danny Creeden and Alan Barker!

Announcements: Friday, July 25 is Greg Page Construction Night! All regular classes will compete.

Friday, July 25, 2014 Racing -- Greg Page Construction Night

Friday, July 25 is Greg Page Construction Night with the Modified, Sportsman, IMCA Modified, Street Stock and 4 Cylinder Truck Classes! There will also be Mechanics Races for the IMCA Modifieds (time permitting).

Gate and concessions open at 4:00, hot laps at 6:15, racing at 7:00 pm. Admission: Adult (age 15 and older) $10.00, Youth (age 9 to 14) $5, Children 8 and under free. Family Fun 5 Pack: 2 Adult and 3 Youth (under 14) admission, 5 hot dogs and 5 sodas for $35.

We hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 24, 2014 ~ Crazy 8s Special! ~ Results

Crazy 8’s Finish UNOFFICIAL (48 Laps):

Danny Creeden, Andy Bachetti, Stewart Friesen, Danny Johnson, Tyler Dippel, Brian Weaver, Shaun Walker, Matt Sheppard, Rich Ricci Jr., Mike Mahaney, Mike Ricci, Jeff Heotzler, Danny Tyler, Jeff Strunk, Tyler Siri, Vic Coffey, Billy Decker, Ryan Watt, Tommy Meier, Rich Eurich, Tyler Boniface, Tim Currier, Brian Malcolm, Craig Hanson, Billy Van Pelt, Rusty Smith, Brett Tonkin, Matt Jester

GRIT Sportsmen Finish UNOFFICIAL (30 Laps):

Alan Barker, Brian Passalano, Brian Krummel, Marty Bunker, Rocky Warner, Nick Guererri, Connor Cleveland, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Pat Jordan, Matt Hitchcock, Chris Stevens, Paul Rooney, John Illanovsky, Alec Gennerelli, Rosalyn Trautschold, Chad Edwards, Brian Joslin, Ken Boniface, Bob Janesky

Friday, July 18, 2014 Racing -- Chambers & O'Hara Night -- Results

Modified Winner Mitch Gibbs
Mitch Gibbs wins the modified class on 07/18/2014

Sportsman Winner Brandon Walters
Brandon Walters wins in the Sportsman class on 07/18/2014

IMCA Modified Winner Gary Smith
Gary Smith wins in the IMCA class on 07/18/2014

Street Stock Winner Matt Bowman
Matt Bowman wins in the Street Stock class on 07/18/2014

4 cylinder Truck Winner Damon Decker
Damon Decker wins in the 4 cylinder truck class on 07/18/2014

SRP Sprints Winner Kyle Pierce
Kyle Pierce wins in the SRP Sprints class on 07/18/2014
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Mitch Gibbs took the lead on the thirteenth lap of the Modified Mid-Season Championship and went on to take his first win of the season at I-88 Speedway on Friday night. Starting sixth in the 23 car starting line-up the Norwich driver took the lead from Bob Hamm on the outside coming off turn two. Hamm, of Windsor, started on the outside of the front row and took the lead from pole-sitter Nick Nye on lap five.

A lap 15 caution bunched the field for a restart with Gibbs leading, Hamm running second and defending track champion Mike Mahaney of King Ferry in third. When the green flag dropped Gibbs opened a five car length lead as Mahaney pressured Hamm for second, with Mahaney taking over the spot on lap 20.

On lap 21 Hamm pulled into the infield while eighth starting Chad Cook of Deposit took over third place. The caution came out again on lap 22 and on the ensuing restart Mahaney pulled alongside Gibbs but by lap 25 Gibbs had regained a two car length advantage over Mahaney.


Read the entire race recap.


Points as of 07/18/14 have been posted:
[Modified Points] [Sportsman Points] [IMCA Points] [Street Stock Points] [4 Cyl Truck Points]


Greg Page Construction Modifieds Mid-Season Championship (35 Laps):

Mitch Gibbs, Chad Cook, Mike Mahaney, Shaun Walker, Tim Currier

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Brandon Walters, Pat O’Hanlon, Alan Barker, Harold Humphrey, Travis Smith, Chance Spoonhower

Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence IMCA Modifieds (20 Laps):

Gary Smith, Will Ward, Matt Cole, K.C. Cole, James Cornell

Olum’s Street Stocks (20 Laps):

Matt Bowman, Brenton Miller, Dustin Harris, Matt Roberts, Doug Polhamus

McDonald’s Empire Sport Trucks (15 Laps):

Damon Decker, Bob Crandall, Dustin Wilber, Brandon Clapperton, Wayne Van Dusen Jr.

SRP Sprints (15 Laps):

Kyle Pierce, Dave Smith, Cliff Pierce, Bill Nichols, Alan Lockwood




Friday, July 11, 2014 Racing -- Boulder Oil Company Night -- Results

Modified Winner Brian Weaver
Brian Weaver wins the modified class on 07/11/2014

Sportsman Winner Charlie Hendrickson Jr.
Charlie Hendrickson Jr. wins in the Sportsman class on 07/11/2014

IMCA Modified Winner Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts wins in the IMCA class on 07/11/2014

Street Stock Winner Doug Polhamus
Doug Polhamus wins in the Street Stock class on 07/11/2014

4 cylinder Truck Winner Ralph Cuozzo Jr.
Ralph Cuozzo Jr. wins in the 4 cylinder truck class on 07/11/2014
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Windsor's Brian Weaver took the lead from Paul Jensen on lap six and went on to become the tenth different Modified winner in as many races at I-88 Speedway on Friday night. Weaver started sixth in the 19 car starting field and by the second lap had moved into second place.

"It's a thrill to get back into victory lane….it took a long time to get here but I'm pretty happy to be here" said Weaver after the race.

"I thought I saw a shadow once, up on the outside of me. I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I started moving around a little bit, kinda diamond the track out a little bit just in case I was slowing down a little bit" Weaver said in reference to a late race challenge from Edmeston's Paul Jensen who crossed the line second. Tim Currier of Auburn finished third with Deposit's Chad Cook fourth and Shaun Walker of Masonville fifth.

Read the entire race recap.

Greg Page Construction Modifieds (30 Laps):

Brian Weaver, Paul Jensen, Tim Currier, Chad Cook, Shaun Walker

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Harold Humphrey, Brandon Walters, Alan Barker, Pat O’Hanlon

Friesen Chevrolet Empire State Series Race IMCA Modifieds (25 Laps):

Gary Roberts, James Cornell, Nick Griest, Matt Cole, Chris Fleming

Olum’s Street Stocks (20 Laps):

Doug Polhamus, Brenton Miller, Matt Bowman, Dustin Harris, Matt Roberts

McDonald’s Empire Sport Trucks (15 Laps):

Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Brandon Clapperton, Bob Crandall, Pat Votra, Wayne Van Dusen Jr.





Friday, July 4, 2014 Racing -- Olum's Night -- Results

Modified Winner Ryan Jordan
Ryan Jordan wins the modified class on 07/04/2014

Sportsman Winner Travis Smith
Travis Smith wins in the Sportsman class on 07/04/2014

IMCA Modified Winner Beau Ballard
Beau Ballard wins in the IMCA class on 07/04/2014

Street Stock Winner Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts wins in the Street Stock class on 07/04/2014

4 cylinder Truck Winner Rick Wagner
Rick Wagner wins in the 4 cylinder truck class on 07/04/2014

CRSA Sprints Winner Mike Kiser
Mike Kiser wins in the CRSA Sprints class on 07/04/2014
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Ryan Jordan of Dryden picked up his first career win in a Modified on the Fourth of July at I-88 Speedway. Jordan, making his first start of the year at the track, started tenth in the 27 car field taking over the lead on lap 13 when Susquehanna PA's Darwin Greene slowed on the backstretch.

"I was nervous. We had hard tires on tonight because our only soft tires are for tomorrow. We come down to play tonight, just to have a little fun. Never in a million years did I expect to be down here in victory lane" said Jordan after becoming the ninth different winner in as many races at the track.

Read the entire race recap.

Greg Page Construction Modifieds (30 Laps):

Ryan Jordan, Mike Ricci, Dana Wagner, Shaun Walker, Andy Bachetti

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Travis Smith, Alan Barker, Butch Klinger, Gary Card Jr., Kevin Coons

Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence IMCA Modifieds (20 Laps):

Beau Ballard, Will Ward, Kurt Decker, Gary Roberts, Matt Cole

Olum’s Street Stocks Midseason Championship (25 Laps):

Matt Roberts, Matt Bowman, Fred Christ, Dustin Harris, Tom Savercool

McDonald’s 4 Cyliner Trucks (15 Laps):

Rick Wagner, Erik Wagner, Brandon Clapperton, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Bob Crandall

CRSA Sprints (25 Laps):

Mike Kiser, Joe Kata, Danny Varin, Scott Goodrich, John Matrafailo













2014 Short Track Super Series

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The Short Track Super Series, presented by BD Motorsports Media LLC, includes five race events throughout the 2014 racing season as well as the the Championship event to be held on October 10 & 11 (Friday & Saturday).

I-88 Speedway will host the Crazy 8's Special on Wednesday, July 23 and the October Championship event!

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