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Track Status and news!
Congratulations to July 27 Winners: Ryan Godown, Kurtis Hohonsheldt & Korey Inglin!
Friday, July 29 is Curtis Lumber Night!
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Friday, July 29, 2016 Racing ~ NuLook Collision & Curtis Lumber Night

Join us on Friday, July 29 on NuLook Collision & Curtis Lumber night! Vintage cars will join the Modified, Sportsman, Empire Series IMCA Modified, Street Stock, Xcel Modified and 4 cyl Trucks. Crate Sportsman have the night off. Also Fan Appreciation Night will be held for the IMCA Modified!

The Joey Coulter C.A.R.S Kids Club will have fire fighter crafts for fire fighter safety night! Free for ages 4 to 12 years!

Gate and concessions open at 4:00, hot laps at 6:15, racing at 7:00 pm. Admission: Adult (age 15 and older) $12.00, Youth (age 9 to 14) $5, Children 8 and under free. Family Fun 5 Pack: 2 Adult and 3 Youth (under 14) admission, 5 hot dogs and 5 sodas for $35.

Joey Coulter Cars Kids Club

New for the 2016 racing season is the Joey Coulter Cars Kids Club for kids age 4 - 12! Download the Kids Club Membership Form and the Kids Club Schedule for more information and to sign up!

Crazy 8s Special ~ Results

STSS Modifieds Crazy 8’s (48 Laps):

Ryan Godown, Andy Bachetti, Shaun Walker, Brett Tonkin, Anthony Perrego, Tommy Meier, Rusty Smith, Alan Barker, Jerry Higbie, Jimmy Horton, Craig Hanson, Rich Ricci Jr., Darwin Greene, Danny Creeden, Nick Rochinski, Colton Wilson, Matt Delorenzo, Erick Rudolph, Brian Malcolm, Billy Van Inwegen, Mitch Gibbs, Mike Ricci, Duane Howard, Nick Nye, Jeff Hoetzler, Kurt Decker


Richard Smith, Scott Boudinot, Kenny Sparks, Jackie Brown, Lee DeWitt, J.R. Hurlburt, Chad O’Hara, Tyler Siri, Mike Clapperton, Brad Szulewski, Josh Hohenforst, Kurt Hundeland, Mike Trautschold, Ken Titus, Dominic Roselli, Aaron Shelton, Paul Jensen, Dominic Roselli Jr.

GRIT Sportsmen (25 Laps):

Kurtis Hohensheldt, Travis Smith, Harold Humphrey, Donnie Lawson, Stacy Jackson, Josh Keesey, Kinser Hill, Allan Hodge, Dale Welty, A.J. Miller, Chris Stevens, Mike Jackson, Brad Weaver, Dave Rosa, Robby Knipe, Casey Pavlick, Allison Ricci, Olin Renwick, Matt Brewer, Tim Guild, A.J. Digsby, Matt Roberts, Tyler Singleton, Dustin Jordan, Tim Howell


Jacob Dgien, Michael Murphy, Bob Stahl

Xcel Modifieds (20 Laps):

Korey Inglin, Will Eastman, Billy Koch, Josh Pepe, Aaron Bowes, Kamdin Maby, Brian Blankenmiller, Dylan McCrone, Richie Hitzler, Scott Heilman, A.J. Miller, Bailey Boyd, D.J. Hunt, Grant Schibilia, C.J. Jochum, Eric Boyd, Kevin Van Valkenburt, Chris Kithcart, Steven Sherwood, Michael Burrows, Jon Josko, Jeremy Guistwite

Friday, July 22, 2016 Racing ~ Butler Auto Sales & Upstate Companies Night ~ Results

Andy Bachetti continued his dominant season at I-88 Speedway by picking up his sixth Greg Page Construction Modified win in eleven races on Butler Auto Sales Night. Bachetti, of Sheffield MA, took the lead when Edmeston's Paul Jensen got caught behind a lapped car coming off turn four with two laps remaining in the race.

"We had a good night tonight. It's all about the American Racer Cup and winning races" said a happy winner in Victory Lane.

Jeff Sheely, of Alplause, took the lead at the start of the 30 lap Modified feature from his pole position start. By the third lap Binghamton's Ken Titus had moved into the lead with Sheely in second and Jensen in third.

Jensen would slip past Sheely on lap 5 before taking over the top spot on lap 7.

The first caution of the race would wave on lap 13 with Jensen leading, Brett Tonkin, of Carbondale PA second, Titus third, Alex Tonkin, also of Carbondale, fourth and Bachetti fifth.

Read the entire race recap.

Points as of 07/22/16 have been posted:
[Modified Points] [Sportsman Points] [Crate Sportsman Points] [IMCA Points] [Street Stock Points] [(No Change) Excel Modified Points] [4 Cyl Truck Points]

Greg Page Construction Modifieds (30 Laps):

Andy Bachetti, Paul Jensen, Rusty Smith, Alex Tonkin, Brett Tonkin, Mike Mahaney, Mitch Gibbs, Darwin Greene, Ken Titus, Alan Barker, Mike Clapperton, Brian Malcolm, Nick Nye, Jeff Sheely, Chris Bushnell, Dom Roselli Jr., Steve Babicek, Kenny Sparks, Dom Roselli, J.R. Hurlburt, Joey Colsten, Kurt Decker, Chad O’Hara, Nick Rochinski

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen Mid-Season Championship (25 Laps):

Claude Hutchings Jr., Butch Klinger, Aaron Shelton, Pat O’Hanlon, Dave Rosa, Rudy Roth, Dwayne Jackson, Jim Gould, Lisa Williams, Skip Pickwick, Charlie Hendrickson

Williams Tire and Auto Crate Sportsmen Mid-Season Championship (25 Laps):

Alan Hodge, Matt Roberts, Brad Alger, A.J. Miller, Harold Humphrey, Travis Smith, Matt Brewer, A.J. Digsby, Aaron Jacobs, Matt Priscott, Eric Williams, George Begg, Colby Hendrickson, Art Priscott

Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence IMCA Modifieds (20 Laps):

Matt Cole, Beau Ballard, James Cornell, Will Ward, Gary Roberts, Tyler Stoddard, Gary Smith, Aaron Jacobs, Mike Stoddard, Eric Stumpf, Jordan Torbitt, Jesse Velez, Chris Shultis, Tim Vandemark

Nu Look Collision Street Stocks (20 Laps):

Doug Polhamus, Jon Carpenter, Dustin Harris, Brett Barrett, Dave Cronk, Ralph Cuozzo, Ernie Staelens, Matt Thies, Rich Fife, Matt Bowman, Shawn Stalker DNS Steve Polhamus

Empire Lightning Sprints (20 Laps):

John Moore, Justin Philips, Clint Roerhs, Lou Torres, Rick Stone, Don Belin, Jesse Pruchik, Jerry Sehn

Butler Auto Sales EST Trucks (15 Laps):

Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Bob Crandall, Rob Loucks, Doug O’Hara, Rob Northrup, Trey Palmer, Jim Fowlston, Dustin Wilber, Jerry Lanfair, Steve Judd, Damon Decker, Brandon Clapperton, Dan Laman, Ben Beecher

Friday, July 15, 2016 Racing ~ Greg Page Construction & Erhlich Pest Control Night ~ Results

Greg Page Construction Modified Winner Rusty Smith
Rusty Smith wins the modified class on 07/15/2016

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsman Winner Dave Rosa
Dave Rosa wins in the Sportsman class on 07/15/2016

Williams Tire and Auto Crate Sportsman Winner Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts wins in the Crate Sportsman class on 07/15/2016

Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence IMCA Modified Winner Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts wins in the IMCA class on 07/15/2016

NuLook Collision Street Stock Winner Dustin Harris
Dustin Harris wins in the Street Stock class on 07/15/2016

MR Grafix Xcel Modifieds Winner Will Eastman
Will Eastman wins in the Exel Modifieds class on 07/15/2016

Butler Auto Sales 4 Cylinder Trucks Winner Rob Loucks
Rob Loucks wins in the 4 cylinder truck class on 07/15/2016
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Oxford's Rusty Smith won the first dirt Modified feature of his racing career on Greg Page Construction/Ehrlich Pest Control Night at I-88 Speedway in the 35 lap Mid-Season Championship event. Smith, a perennial champion on asphalt made the switch to dirt a few years ago before moving into the Modified division last season.

Starting eighth in the 23 car starting lineup, Smith took the lead from Otego's J.R. Hurlburt on lap 30 using the outside line off turn two. Hurlburt had taken the lead from Binghamton's Ken Titus on lap 15.

"We've been getting closer. And obviously doing it every week has made a big difference for our team. We're getting in a rhythm. The biggest thing is running weekly and getting in a rhythm" said Smith after the race.

Titus led the early laps of the race from his second starting position opening a half straightaway lead by lap 8. Entering lapped traffic on lap 10 Titus continued his run until the caution came out when Chris Bushnell, of Cortland, hit the front stretch wall and came to a stop in turn one.

Read the entire race recap.

Greg Page Construction Modifieds Mid-Season Championship (35 Laps):

Rusty Smith, J.R. Hurlburt, Mike Mahaney, Mitch Gibbs, Mike Clapperton, Brett Tonkin, Andy Bachetti, Shaun Walker, Darwin Greene, Alan Barker, Alex Tonkin, Nick Nye, Ken Titus, Jeff Sheely, Clay Butler, Paul Jensen, Steve Babicek, Matt Latwinski, Kurt Decker, Kenny Sparks, Duane Hiller, Jeremy Smith, Chris Bushnell

Chambers and O’Hara Open Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Dave Rosa, Claude Hutchings Jr., Butch Klinger, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Aaron Shelton, Lisa Williams, Dwayne Jackson, Pat O’Hanlon, Jim Gould, Steve Andersen, Skip Pickwick, Dan Allen, Josh French, Duane Knapp

Williams Tire and Auto Crate Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Matt Roberts, Harold Humphrey, A.J. Miller, Travis Smith, Matt Brewer, Allan Hodge, Colby Hendrickson, Tyler Ward, Travis Welch, Art Priscott, A.J. Digsby, Matt Priscott

Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence IMCA Modifieds (20 Laps)

Gary Roberts, Will Ward, Beau Ballard, Gary Smith, Mike Stoddard, Tim Vandemark, James Cornell, Tyler Stoddard, Jim Cummings, Matt Cole, Jordan Torbitt, Bobby Collins, Chris Shultis

Nu Look Collision Street Stocks Mid-Season Championship (25 Laps):

Dustin Harris, Jon Carpenter, Matt Bowman, Dave Cronk, Doug Polhamus, Jake Fowlston, Rob Nober, Rich Fife, Matt Thies, Eric Boynton, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Shawn Stalker, Steve Polhamus

MR Graphix Xcel Modifieds (15 Laps):

Will Eastman, Eric Boyd, Bailey Boyd, C.J. Jochum, Kamdin Maby, Steven Sherwood, Paul Deruyter, Chris Kitchcart, A.J. Miller DNS Adam Mudge

Butler Auto Sales EST Trucks (15 Laps):

Rob Loucks, Bob Crandall, Brandon Clapperton, Rob Northrup, Jerry Lanfair, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Dustin Wilber, Steve Judd, Dylan Decker, Doug O’Hara, James Fowlston








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