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Track Status and news!
The CRSA Sprints will make their first 2015 season visit to I-88 Speedway on May 22!
The SRP Sprints will compete on May 29!

2015 Racing Season

Friday, May 22, 2015 Racing ~ Purdy Racing Night

Join us for Purdy Racing Night on Friday, May 22! Fan Appreciation for CRSA Spints and 4 cylinder Trucks will be held during intermission.

Due to persistent showers, management at I-88 Speedway was forced to cancel the racing program on Friday, May 15, after the completion of the heat races. All rain checks will be honored on Friday, May 22 as the CRSA 305 Sprint Cars come to town for a complete show. Also on the card will be the rained out features for the Greg Page Construction Modifieds, Chambers and O'Hara Sportsmen, Olum's Street Stocks, Xcel 600 cc Modifieds and The 4 Cylinder Trucks. New entries will be allowed for the rained out features. The Vernooy's Automotive Excellence IMCA Modifieds will have the night off for an Empire Series Tour race and will make up their rained out feature at a date to be determined.

General admission for fans without rain checks will be $10.

Friday, May 8, 2015 Racing ~ Chamber's & O'hara Night ~ Results

Modified Winner Mike Mahaney
Mike Mahaney wins the modified class on 05/08/2015

Sportsman Winner Brandon Walters
Brandon Walters wins in the Sportsman class on 05/08/2015

IMCA Modified Winner Mike Stoddard
Mike Stoddard wins in the IMCA class on 05/08/2015

Street Stock Winner Tom Savercool
Tom Savercool wins in the Street Stock class on 05/08/2015

Xcel 600cc Modified Winner Will Eastman
Will Eastman wins in the Xcel 600cc Modified class on 05/08/2015

4 cyl Truck Winner Bob Crandall
Bob Crandall wins in the 4 cyl Truck class on 05/08/2015
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Mike Mahaney of King Ferry took the early lead over front row partner Otego's J.R. Hurlburt at the start of the Greg Page Construction Modified feature. With Mahaney and Hurlburt in front, Sheffield MA's Andy Bachetti ran third with defending track champion Brett Tonkin of Tunkhannock PA fourth.

On lap two Tonkin slipped past Bachetti into third with Jim Mahaney, also of King Ferry, fifth. By lap six Mahaney had opened a three car length lead over Hurlburt with the top seven cars running single file. Mahaney extended his lead to a half straightaway by lap ten and by lap thirteen begins to enter lapped traffic.

The first caution of the event waved at the halfway point on lap fifteen when Cortland's Nick Nye spun in turn two. On the ensuing restart, Mahaney retains the lead as Hurlburt moves to the outside lane as does fourth running Bachetti. Using the outside line, Bachetti gets a run on Tonkin coming off turn two and moves into third place on lap seventeen.

While Bachetti and Tonkin were racing for third, the leaders had opened a ten car length lead over Bachetti and Jim Mahaney passed Tonkin for fourth place. With five laps remaining Mahaney had opened a half straightaway lead over Hurlburt with Bachetti starting to reel in Hurlburt.

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View the points standing as of 05/08/2015:
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Greg Page Construction Modifieds (30 Laps):

Mike Mahaney, J.R. Hurlburt, Andy Bachetti, Jim Mahaney, Brett Tonkin, Mitch Gibbs, Paul Jensen, Rusty Smith, Shaun Walker, Steve Babicek, Nick Nye, Darwin Greene, Jeff Sheely

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Brandon Walters, Travis Smith, Kevin Coons, Gary Card Jr., Butch Klinger, Dwayne Jackson, Cory Pike, Aaron Shelton, Duane Knapp, Alan Barker, Skip Pickwick, Mike Wilmot, Eric Boynton, Harold Humphrey, Randy Green, Charlie Hendrickson Jr. DNS Pat O’Hanlon, Jim Gould, Matt Priscott Crate Bonus: Eric Boynton

Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence IMCA Modifieds (20 Laps):

Mike Stoddard, Tyler Stoddard, Matt Cole, James Cornell, Gary Roberts, Jake Maynard, Gary Smith, Will Ward, Tim Vandemark, Craig Ward, Beau Ballard, Kurt Decker

Olum’s Street Stocks (20 Laps):

Tom Savercool, Shawn Boynton, Dustin Harris, Damon Decker, Doug Polhamus, Steve Polhamus, Mitch Hurlburt, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Matt Bowman, Bob Mills. DNS Matt Thies

Empire Toyota Scion Xcel 600 cc Modifieds (20 laps):

Will Eastman, Abbey Price, Kyle Fallis, Bud Leizear, A.J. Miller, Eric Boyd, Paul DeRuyter, Tim Frantz, Charlie Tibbitts, Kamden Maby, Drew Fallis, Bailey Boyd, DNS Steven Sherwood

4 Cyl Trucks (20 Laps):

Bob Crandall, Rob Loucks, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Wayne Van Dusen Jr., Dylan Decker, Bill Cooper, Buddy French, Brandon Clapperton, Doug O’Hara, Allan Hodge, Dustin Wilber

Friday, May 1, 2015 Racing ~ Greg Page Construction Night ~ Results

Modified Winner Anthony Perrego
Anthony Perrego wins the modified class on 05/01/2015

Sportsman Winner Alan Barker
Alan Barker wins in the Sportsman class on 05/01/2015

IMCA Modified Winner Kurt Decker
Kurt Decker wins in the IMCA class on 05/01/2015

Street Stock Winner Doug Polhamus
Doug Polhamus wins in the Street Stock class on 05/01/2015

4 cylinder Truck Winner Bob Crandall
Bob Crandall wins in the 4 cylinder truck class on 05/01/2015

Eastern Lightning Sprints Winner Peter Dance
Peter Dance wins in the Eastern Lightning Sprints class on 05/01/2015
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Pole sitter Anthony Perrego of Montgomery NY took the lead at the start of the Greg Page Construction Modified feature at I-88 Speedway on Friday night. Third starting Shaun Walker worked under Edmeston's Paul Jensen in the race for second while defending Modified track champion Brett Tonkin used the bottom of the speedway and moved into fourth place under Mike Mahaney who was running the outside. By lap two Perrego had a half straightaway lead over Jensen with Masonville's Walker running third, Mahaney fourth and Tonkin fifth.

Mahaney of Kings Ferry continued to use the outside line and moved into third coming off turn two on lap five. Perrego checks out while Mahaney pressured Jensen on the inside before taking second on lap ten off turn four. Tunkhannock PA's Tonkin slipped under Jensen down backstretch on lap 11 to move into third.

At the halfway point Perrego led by half a track, with Mahaney second Tonkin third, Sheffield MA's Andy Bachetti had worked his way into fourth and Mitch Gibbs was running fifth.

The first caution of the race waved on lap 22 when Darwin Greene slowed in turn. Four. Perrego leads with Mahaney second, Tonkin third, Bachetti fourth and Gibbs fifth. Shaun Walker pitted under caution.

On the restart Bachetti took to outside on while Perrego opened up another big lead. With five laps remaining the front end of Mahaney's ride collapsed bringing his car to a stop on the front stretch resulting in the final caution of the race.

At the finish it was Anthony Perrego taking the win with Tonkin finishing second, Bachetti third, North Norwich's Gibbs fifth and Nick Nye of Cortland fifth.

"We definitely had a good car tonight. Starting on the pole makes it pretty easy. We've never been good enough to even finish in the top five here. We've had a few good runs but that was the best this thing's been here. I could almost flat foot it around..." Perrego said in his victory lane interview.

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Greg Page Construction Modifieds (30 Laps):

Anthony Perrego, Brett Tonkin, Andy Bachetti, Mitch Gibbs, Nick Nye, Paul Jensen, Jim Mahaney, Shaun Walker, J.R. Hurlburt, Rusty Smith, Mike Mahaney, Darwin Greene, Jeff Sheely, Steve Babicek

Chambers and O’Hara Sportsmen (20 Laps):

Alan Barker, Brandon Walters, Travis Smith, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Nick Nye, Randy Green, Kevin Jordan, Harold Humphrey, Cory Pike, Butch Klinger, Skip Pickwick, Gary Card Jr., Pat O’Hanlon, Kevin Coons, Aaron Shelton, Dwayne Jackson, Mike Wilmot, Jim Gould, Matt Priscott

Vernooy’s Automotive Excellence IMCA Modifieds (20 Laps):

Kurt Decker, Will Ward, Matt Cole, Jake Maynard, James Cornell, Gary Roberts,Craig Ward, Mike Stoddard, Tim Vandemark, Tyler Stoddard, Beau Ballard, Bobby Collins, Billy Ward, DNS Gary Smith

Olum’s Street Stocks (20 Laps):

Doug Polhamus, Brett Barrett, Tom Savercool, Damon Decker, Steve Polhamus, Bob Mills, Ralph Cuozzo Jr., Dustin Harris, Matt Thies DNS Matt Bowman

Eastern Lightning Sprints (20 Laps):

Peter Dance, Jerry Sehn, Don Bellen, Don Harvey, Shilo Boyce, Lou Torres, Rick Stone, Mike Badgley, Kurt Conklin, John Leclair, Jason Roe

4 Cyl Trucks (20 Laps):

Bob Crandall, Rob Loucks, Ralph Cuozzo Jr, Allan Hodge, Wayne Van Dusen Jr., Doug O’Hara, Bill Cooper, Erik Wagner, Chris Sherman, Brandon Clapperton

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American Racer/Lias Tire Southern Tier Challenge Cup: 2015 Rules & Procedures

The Southern Tier Challenge Cup, offering nearly $10,000 in cash and product for drivers competing in big-block/small-block divisions, is sponsored by American Racer and regional tire distributor Lias Tire of Indiana, Pa. For addtional information read the 2015 Rules & Procedures Flyer.

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